Something Wicked!

I have a dear friend who is so excited, she is going to experience the Musical…


She is planning on a tailgating dinner in the parking lot of the Theater!!  How fun is that!  She asked me to make cupcakes for dessert!!!  Here is what I came up with!!

A Chocolate Cup Cake with a whipped chocolate Ganache filling with Mint Oreo Frosting!!! (Had to do the Oreos in Honor of their 100th Birthday!!Yay!)

I had some packaging challenges to make these easy and portable!  Here is the final product!!

I put each cupcake in an upside down clear plastic cup!!   I put a “wicked” Green bow on the top with a cute “witch” ring!! Cute …Right???

Now how to transport 4 individual cupcakes????  QT to the rescue!!  I am always picking up things that I want to do a craft project with!!  How many of us go to the convenience store for a soda???  And what do you use when you have more sodas than hands???  You use one of those cardboard carriers!!!  So look at how “Wicked” this one turned out!!

I simply tied some ribbon, tulle and silver mesh on the handle part!!

I printed out the “Wicked” logo and simply used some glue dots to adhere to the sides of the box!!  How easy can that be???

Here are some more shots of the finished project!!

I wish I was going to the Musical with these lovlies but alas the ticket price was way above my price limit!!  And I did see it last year when it was here!!  I hope my dear friends have a blast!!  I know they will~

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  1. OMY STARS!!! I feel so very POPULAR! and I do believe I can Defy Gravity as I enjoy these cupcakes! The girls are gonna SQUEAL with DELite!!

  2. Awesome!!! I Looooooooove Wicked! What a fun idea to have a special treat just for the occasion! Love it! :)

  3. So cute!!! What a sweet friend you are!!!

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