Sitting in the Georgia International Airport…

Well it has been a long and exciting week!!  I just spent a week with my daughter and new grand daughter!!  Rilee is such a sweet baby!!  I don’t think I heard here cry very much at all!!!  I am so proud of my daughter Brittney she is such a good mommy!!  I got lots of rest and relaxaction!!  There isnt much to do in Oxford North Carolina!!!

Here is a picture!!  We took naked baby pictures yesterday!!!

Pretty Baby!!

So we volunteered to give up our seats on the flight home and we got 2 free RT tickets anywhere Air Trans goes!!  What cold be better than that!!  We get on a less crowded flight and only get home an hour later than planned and now we can go on another trip!!  Whooo hoooo!!!

I had a great trip but I am ready to get home!!!


  1. I have been patiently waiting to see these pics! ( and all I get is 1?!?!? )
    I am so glad you had fun!

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