Pink Shabby Chic Salt & Pepper Shakers with Martha Stewart Glass Paint!! #marthaglass


I was so excited to received a box of crafty goodness!!!  Take a look at what landed on my doorstep!! Plaid’s new Martha Stewart Glass Paint and Tools fount exclusively at Michael’s Craft Stores!!

I knew just what I wanted to do with these!!  I have seen these darling little glass salt and pepper shakers at a few different craft events and they were beautiful filled with glitter!!  Just adorable!!  But I wanted to use them for my Shabby Chic Kitchen!  I was going to fill them with Salt and Pepper!!  I wanted to monogram them with the famous “S” and “P”!!

Here is a super easy way to monogram your glass salt and pepper shakers!!  You will only use a few things !!!

  • Martha Stewart Crafts™  Metallic Opaque Glass Paint
  • Martha Stewart Crafts™ Glass Silkscreen
  • Martha Stewart Crafts™ Glass Paint Stenciling
  • Glass Salt and Pepper shakers (I found mine at Michael’s)

I had mine done in no time!!  Before you get started you will want to clean your glass with alcohol to make sure the paint will adhere properly!!

Take your adhesive stencil and place it in the center of your glass bottle.

Place a small amount of paint in the open areas of the stencil. (I probably did this wrong but it worked so it was ok with me!!!)

Take your scrapper tool and moving in a left to right motion with the tool in a horizontal position lightly scrape the paint over the stencil making sure the open space of the stencil is filled evenly with paint.

Wait a moment and carefully lift the stencil off the glass.  Let the paint dry for 24 hours,  this part is done!!

I simply spray painted the metal tops and let them dry for 24 hours too.

Fill with salt and pepper and put the tops on!!!  Your done!!

Mr. Pinkcakeplate loves these little salt and pepper shakers!!   What would you paint with Martha Stewart Glass Paints??

For more information and to stay up to date visit Plaid and Martha Stewart,  you can find them on Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest.

Need more inspiration on what to make with Martha Stewart Glass Paints take a look at these goodies!

Disclosure: I received samples to do a project to share with you, my readers, no monetary compensation was received. All opinions and projects displayed in this post are my own.

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