Road Trip to SNAP!!!

3 bloggers, 1 car, multiple suitcases, roommate swag, and plenty of Coke Zero, Diet Coke and Diet Dr Pepper!  We left at O’Dark Thirty on the 18th of April!!  Our Destination???? SNAP the Conference in Lehi Utah!!!

My hubby was so sweet to take me to meet Cindy from Jenkins Kid Farm and Kendra from MyInsanity.  We designated a local McDonalds as the meet up location!  I had the most yummy Strawberry Cream Cheese Baked pie!!  It is a new item on the McDonalds menu!!  Soooo Delicious! You gotta try one of these!!

We met up and got the car settled and headed out!!

  Here we are on our way!!

We stopped in Vegas for a quick bathroom break!!  Drinking Coke Zero leads to frequent stops!!

I forgot about the slot machines every where!

We climbed back in the car and kept driving!  We talked the whole way!!  I can’t believe 3 women could talk for 10 hours straight!!

Here is a photo Kendra snapped and posted via Instagram!


We spent 3 days being uplifted, inspired and constantly told how wonderful we were!!  What a way to spend 3 days!!  I will post more on that later!  Now here are a few photos on the way home!!

So glad to get home!!

I love the colors of the desert!

We passed this burning vehicle it was pretty scary!

I love these girls!!  They were the best Roadies any one could ask for!!  If you get a chance take a look at thier blogs!!  You can find Cindy HERE and Kendra HERE!



  1. Traveling is much more fun when there is good conversations to be had!! Thanks for the lovely gift! I’m excited for your plans for the future!

  2. ohhh la la! so GLAD you had fun!!!!

  3. Road trips are the best with blogging buddies!!! I am not sure if you heard, but last year Steph, Stacey and I totally got lost on the way home from Arizona…It was a bonding experience. LOL
    I am so very glad you were able to join us again this year. So fun to see you (albeit briefly) and your cute, cute pops.
    I hope you will be back again next year!


  4. Wild horses couldn’t keep me away next year!!! Had a wonderful time!! Hats off to you and the SNAP team Tauni!! Amazing job!

  5. Awww, thanks Laura! It was such a blast traveling with you! Thanks for all of the amazing swag! Ohmygosh, you SPOILED us!!!

    Lotsa Love, Vita ;)

  6. Looks like a fun roadtrip–and it was great to meet you at SNAP! Now following along to see what you’re up to next :)

  7. You are so stinkin cute! So fun to catch up with you at SNAP and hang out at the Emporium! Hope you make it to SNAP13!

  8. Becca I will be at SNAP 2013 I plan on being a presenter!!!Hahahahaha!! Just have to figure out the angle!!!!

  9. Looks like such a fun road trip!!! SNAP was such a blast!!

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