Prom Dress Fit for a Royal Princess!

My beautiful niece called me last week to see if I would do some alterations on her prom dress!!! Of course I couldn’t say no!!

Well today she stopped by with the dress!! OMGOSH it is AMAZING!!


And to say the least my niece is absolutely Stunning!!  The dress looks as if it were made for her!!

The good news is all that needs to be done is adjust the straps and cover a “peek-a-boo” back!!  Shouldn’t be too difficult!!

So I started with the strap and oh ya I had to unpick the seam that held the strap in place and cut through the beading!!  That was very scary but it turned out ok!!  I secured the loose threads so the beads would not continue to fall off and secured the strap back to the dress!!  Took me all of 10 mins!!

Then I tackled the “Peek-a-Boo” back.  I cut a circle out of  a flesh colored fabric large enough to cover the back and simply hand stitched it to the back!  That was pretty easy too!!

My beautiful niece came to pick it up and of course I had her model!!

Don’t look at the messy craft room!!hahahaha!!

And here is a picture from the Prom!!

Isn’t she absolutely beautiful??  Yup she’s my niece!!

Love you Alex!!


  1. Wow! What a stunning dress and girl. Great job Laura!

  2. Wow,the dress is so amazing and beautiful!
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  3. sherry1991 says:

    I love pink dress!

  4. There are many cheap wedding dresses.

  5. Thanks for your share

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