Pop Tart Ice Cream Sammies!!! Super Easy Treat!!!

We stopped at one of our local Fast Food Burger Drive Throughs the other day and Mr. Pinkcakeplate loves to eat ice cream treats!! Well this is what we found!!


Yes thats right and ice cream sandwich made with Pop Tarts!!!!  This one was Strawberry Flavor but with all the new Pop Tart flavors out there you can make just about any flavor you like!!  Since we are HUGE Peanut butter and chocolate fans I came up with this amazing Pop Tart Ice Cream Sandwich!!


PB & Choco Pop Tart Ice Cream Sammie!!  Whew that is a mouthfull!!  These are super easy and oh so yummy!!  All you need is your favorite ice cream and favorite Pop Tart Flavor!


Simply cut your Pop Tart in half and put a scoop of Ice Cream on top of one half,  place the second half on top of the Ice cream and gently push down to “squish” between the two Pop Tart half.  I wrapped them in  plastic wrap and placed in the freezer to harden!!




If you make a few you are ready for a crowd!!  These would be great for an after school snack or just about anytime!!  Enjoy!!  I didn’t think y’all needed a recipe for this one!!  Its pretty much a no brainer!!! :-) But how fun is this???

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