From Plain Jane Jar to Pink Cupcake Jar! With #modpodge & #plaidcrafts!

If you know one thing about me I love the color PINK!!  My kitchen is filled with PINK appliances!!  My husband made sure every thing in my kitchen was PINK!!  Well have you seen the new Mod Podge Transparent Colors??  You can pick them up at your local Michaels store!!  So Exciting they even made a PINK one!!!  I think they made that on just for me!!!  Well I was so excited that I was sent these new colors to “play” with!!!  I have a cute and simple way to keep all your cute cupcake papers organized and together!!!

From Plain Jane Jar to Pink Cupcake Jar!


So this is what my cupcake papers looked like before I purchased this 2 Gallon Glass Jar!!


What a nightmare mess!!!  Time to get this under control!!  I have seen the 2 gallon glass jars used for cupcake liners and I love the idea!!


But for it to work in my kitchen it needed to be PINK!!!  Enter those Mod Podge Transparent Colors!!  I took the PINK and mixed it with equal portions of the Matte regular Mod Podge!

modpodgecolors2Because I wanted this to be really sheer I added about 2 oz of water and mixed until it was all mixed together!  Then the fun part starts!!  You simply pour a portion of your Mod Podge Transparent Colors into the inside of the lid and swirl it around until the inside is completely covered then I let it sit over my sink to let the excess drip out then moved it to as tray lined with parchment paper.


I took the same steps with the bottom of the jar.



The nice thing is Mod Podge Transparent Colors are water soluble so as the excess was dripping into my sink I carefully rinsed it with warm water and down the drain it went!!  After about an hour I moved the jar to a tray covered with parchment paper and I turned it right side up.  By morning it was dry and so pretty!!  A light sheer pink!!


With my Silhouette Cameo I cut out the word Cupcakes with vinyl!!  So cute!!


I simply love it!!!


Look at all the pretty colors!  Remeber I diluted mine for a lighter look! You can do that ya know!!


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This post is sponsored from Mod Podge and Plaid. All opinions are 100% my own .


  1. ohhh so pretty. love it!

  2. I love this. But what I REALLY want to know is where you got that too cute pink owl?!

  3. Celeste I found it at Hobby Lobby a while ago!

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