Ogre Toes on a Stick!! Easy treat or Party Favor!!

It is definitely Halloween around here and I have been busy and I have to share with you these adorable Ogre Toes on a stick!!


These are pretty easy to make and all you need are Nutter Butter Cookies, green candy melts, chocolate covered almonds and lollypop sticks! Simply melt your candy and dip the top 1 inch of the lollypop stick and insert into the end of your cookie.  Let it set up then dip the whole cookie in the melted candy very gently shake off the excess candy.  Cut the chocolate covered almonds lengthwise and gently press the cut side into the melted chocolate to look like a toenail.  Lay on parchment paper and let harden!!


I put them in this cute arrangement with some monster pops!!  These are oreos dipped in the chocolate with a bloodshot eye candy pressed on the chocolate!  Pretty cute huh?

Here is a close up!


I found the cute container at the AF Base Exchange but you can use just about anything for a base, or put a wrapper on these for a darling party favor!!


Wouldn’t your little Monster love one of these???

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