No Bake Easter Basket Cakelettes!!!

Are you ready for a super easy super cute project?? How about No Bake Easter Basket Cakelettes??


I was inspired by my sweet friend Kim over at A Night Owl Blog with these cute Easter Basket cupcakes!!  This is my version a no bake version!!  So using just a few supplies and some tinted coconut you can have these done in no time!!

cakelettesuppliesI first tried using ready made frosting first but did not like the results.  My next attempt I used candy melts!!  This worked out so much better!!

cakelette-step-0Using 2 Little Debbie Easter Basket Cakes I simply spread some of the melted candy melts on the top of the bottom cakelette

cakelette-step-1and placed the second cakelette on top and let it set up for a few minuets.


With the chocolate licorice I simply put some melted candy melts on one side of each end of the licorice and put on the side of the top cakelette directly across from each other and held it there until they were secure super easy!cakelette-step-3

Spread more melted candy melts on the top of the cakelette

cakelette-step-4I then sprinkled the green coconut on top while the candy was still melted so it would stick!

cakelette-step-5And finally a nice dollop of melted candy melts in the middle

cakelette-step-6Then add a few robins eggs on top of the candy melts, and there is your Easter Basket Cakelette!!




  1. What a great idea! I’m not a fan of chocolate but my daughter will love this. Thanks for sharing

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