World Card Making Day with Elmers #GluenGlitter

Today is World Card making day and as a part of Elmers #GluenGlitter I decided to make a Halloween card using Elmers CraftBond™ Glue Spots Pop-up Medium and Elmers CraftBond™ Glue Spots Thin Medium.  I also tried out the new Elmer’s X-TREME Glue Stick .  I had a great time shopping for the supplies and I enjoyed making my card.  Now I need to send it to someone!!!hahahahaha!!

If you want to take a look at my shopping trips click HERE.

This was such an easy card to make I have a tutorial for you!!

Here are the supplies!!

Elmers CraftBond™ Glue Spots Pop-up Medium and Elmers CraftBond™ Glue Spots Thin Medium

Elmer’s X-TREME Glue Stick

Scrapbook paper of your choice

thin ribbon or twine


various embelishments

Blank card and envelope

Some I used and some I didn’t but I bought them anyways!!  Not pictured is the Black glitter I used it was from my stash! Also I used a corner rounder punch  but this is optional!

This is what I dug out of my stash!

Definitely need a paper trimmer.

And some good scissors!

I used a blank card purchased at Walmart.  I like this option because then you always have an envelope that is sized for the card!

I trimmed my paper to fit the card!

This is when I broke out the Elmer’s X-TREME Glue Stick !    I have to say I love this!!

I secured the paper to the front of the card and made sure the edges sealed nicely.

I trimmed the corners with the rounded corner punch.  If you dont want the corners rounded then leave them!

I pulled out a rhinestone spider web and placed it in the upper left corner!

I  cut 9 1″ pieces of thin black ribbon.  These became the legs of my spiders!! You’ll see in a minute.

I used the Elmers CraftBond™ Glue Spots Pop-up Medium  I placed 3 pieces of ribbon on the glue spot.

I angled them so they looked like spider legs!  You can trim these after you place them on the card so they don’t have to be perfect.

I repeated the process for the other 2 spiders and then placed them on the lower right part of the card.

See Naked Spiders!!

I then sprinkled the dots with glitter (thanks to Sara at

I patted the glitter down so it would stick all over the glue dot!

Now you shake off the excess!

And Viola!!   Glittery Spiders!!  Thanks to Elmers #gluenglitter for the idea!!!

I added a few more embellishments and was done!!

Put a cute tiny spider on the envelope back flap.  Just because it was cute!

Heres a look at the finished card and the envelope back!!!

And here’s a closer look at those cute spiders!!!

This is such an easy project it would be great for the kiddos!!!

“This project has been compensated as part of a social shopper insights study for Elmer’s #gluenglitter #collectivebias #CBias ”  All opinions and comments are my own.

I want to thank my husband for taking the pictures!!  Could not have done this without him!!!


  1. That is adorable! Looks like you are all ready for Halloween!

  2. Tonia this was easy I think I took more time gathering the supplies than making the card!!LOL!!

  3. Amy I am getting there!!!

  4. Cute!! I’ve been meaning to make some cards but never seem to find the time!!

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