Mini Donut LoVe: Part 2 Sprinkles, Sprinkles, Sprinkles!!

I wanted to wait until tomorrow to post this, but I couldn’t wait so here is part two for you!!!

If you stopped by yesterday you were able to see my post on my adventures with my mini donut pan!!  Here’s a refresher!

So lets dress this babies up for Valentines!!  Here are my goodies to paint a pretty face on the little donuts!!

I used some pre made frosting, added food color to make it pink !!  Oh Ya!!

I heated it a bit in the microwave.

Then I dipped just the tops in the melted frosting!

While the frosting was still wet I dipped away in the Sprinkles!!

Aren’t these pretty??

I used a cardboard egg carton as a base for my packaging.  I had a four pack.

And an eight pack.

Here they are with thier final coat of glitz!!  all wrapped up and ready for giving!!

Thanks for stopping by !!  I hope you enjoyed my little donut adventure!!  I would love to hear your thoughts!!  Leave a comment for me!!!

 P.S.  My sweet Husband bought me a heart shaped mini donut pan last night!!  Soooooo Cute!!  Watch for a post on what I do with that pan!!!

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