Lumpy Ghosts Easy Kid Friendly Treat!!

Hey Y’all I just love Halloween and love all the fun treats, costumes and crafts that start to come out this time of year so today I am sharing with you a super easy treat you can make with your kids!!!



Lumpy Ghost Treats!!  This is an easy 3 ingredient treat that would be great for an after school snack or great for a Halloween party treat!!  Here is what you will need!

White candy melts

Mini Marshmallows

Mini M&M candies

Place the candy melts in an microwave safe dish and melt in 20-30 second intervals stirring between.  I like to use glass as it retains heat and helps the candy melt easier.  This part is where adult supervision is needed for small children as the candy can get hot!

Put the mini marshmallows in a bowl and cover them completely with the melted candy.  (I made small batches as I needed to take pictures and I didn’t want the candy to harden while I was shooting!!)

Take the candy and marshmallow mixture and place on parchment paper and arrange in a ghostly shape/triangle (tee hee)!!  Place 2 m&m’s on candy for eyes!


Put in refrigerator for 10 to 20 mins until candy sets.  Your done!!!

These are soooo yummy!!

Wrap them in a cute bag and bow to give away as party favors or treats for your friends!!


I had so much fun making these I hope you and your kiddos do too!!!


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