Lalaloopsy Magnetic Paper Dolls ~ It’s Craft Time!!


I have been on a quest to make fun and easy “kid friendly” crafts like my DIY Portable Kids Play Stove.  When my friends at Cricut invited a few of us bloggers to make a “Kids Craft” it took me a while  to come up with something I thought would be “suitable” LOL!!  I loved playing with paper dolls as a little girl and I still love them!!  I even decorated my craft room with paper dolls.  With this idea in my mind it took me a few days to put it all together!!  Then when I was at Target I came across this adorable Lalaloopsy Place mat Coloring Book!! Best part it was only a few bucks!!  Now I was cookin” with gas!!


I now had my “Dolls”!!!  And I let my Cricut and some bits of ribbon and a few rhinestone do the rest now to make this a little funner I wanted to make it portable!  Something you could take on a road trip or to Grandma’s house to play with!!  This is where a metal cookie sheet, some spray paint,  Mod podge, a roll of magnet tape and our Lalaloopsy place mats all come together!!


I painted to cookie sheet a fun bright yellow and then mod podged the paper dolls to the cookie sheet.  I used the  Cricut Paper Dolls cartridge and some card stock from my stash and made the clothes!!  I embellished the clothes with ribbon and rhinestone!s!  The magnetic tape is self adhesive so I cut in one inch lengths and secured on the back.  Pretty easy huh??  I think any little girl would love to play with this and she can even decorate the paper clothes with you!!!


Oh and I painted the underside with chalkboard paint for more fun!!  And you can store the clothes on the back!


Here is a vertical shot of the front and back!


Magnets are great!! Nothing falls off if you tip it upside down!!!!

Another really fun thing for kids is a UBooly!!  Have you heard of them??


Ubooly is powered by your smart phone and quickly adapts to your child. This magical friend will teach and entertain for hours on end!

Here is a short video with more info!

Ok this is such a cute toy and a great learning tool for your kids!!  I think it is so cute I want a PINK one for myself!!!  What do you think???

I was not paid for my comments.  I am a member of Cricut Bloggers Connections which provided me with access to Cricut Craft Room and Cricut Cartridges but all opinions and experiences are my own.


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