Junk in the Trunk Vintage Market and Thrifin’ with Clever Pink Pirate!

I had the best time yesterday shopping of all things can you believe it!!!  Ya I know I never have any fun shopping!!!  LOL!!  I LOVE SHOPPING!!

Sara from Clever Pink Pirate and I got up at the crack of dawn and were on the road by 7 am to head down to “Junk in the Trunk” Vintage Market!!


There was an amazing amount of vintage and handmade goodies and lots of people!!!  I found a few treasures but look at all the yumminess I had to pass up!!



I found a few treats that came home with me but my favorite had to be this little Blue Eyed Owl necklace I found at Liz’s booth and isn’t is cute that her booth is “Blue Eyed Owl“!!!


We made 2 rounds at the market and believe it or not we were done and back in our part of town by 9:30am so what are 2 thrift store queens to do??  We couldn’t just go home, so we did what any shopping diva would do!  And because we both like a good bargain we started with a few yard sales and then moved to our favorite thrift stores!!

Here is some of the loot I came home with!!  Most of these things will be turned into something bright and new!!  I love to upcycle!!!

I found some vintage crepe paper streamers!!  Those will go into the Craft Studio for my paper crafting days!!

I found a ton of vintage pillow cases I was sooooo excited to find so many in such good shape!!  My favorite one is a bit on the worn side but I am sure I will be able to do something with it!!!

We shopped until we were both worn out!!  But what a blast and we both came home with some wonderful treasures!!!

What do you look for when you go thriftin’????


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