It’s A Bloggers Life for me! and some Organizing is goin’ on too!!

This shop is part of a social shopper marketing insight campaign with Pollinate Media Group™ and Home Depot & Rubbermaid, but all opinions and experiences are my own. #pmedia #AllAccessOrganizers”

Three years ago when I started blogging I never dreamed of all the twists and turns, opportunities and friendships, fun and excitement it would bring!!  I have traveled to places I never thought I would see and have met people I only dreamed of meeting and it has been exhilarating!! It has been an amazing journey and it is only beginning!!  I have loved every minute of it!!  OK maybe not every minute!!  It’s A Bloggers Life for me!

At the beginning of 2013 I decided I needed to really step up my blogging game starting with my food photography!  This included not only learning to use my camera and edit my photos better but it also meant to start using props and better composition.  Well gathering props is super easy!!  I love vintage, just about anything vintage so I started gathering vintage napkins and place mats at thrift stores and yard sales.  My collection multiplied very quickly!!  I also started gathering white dishware and that collection grew pretty quickly too!!  All these goodies were scattered all over my kitchen and dining room.  They were stacked on top of other projects and stuffed in cabinets!!  Yup I suck at organization!!!


I love plastic totes for storage, but for things I don’t need to get into on a daily or weekly basis and that is because once I put something in one of those totes that I cant see inside I forget what I have in them!!!  How about you??  Out of sight out of mind???  Well I cant have that with my photog props because I am always cooking and need to have my props at my fingertips!

Then along came Rubbermaid’s All Access Organizers!!   You can find them at Home Depot! These are AWESOME  I love them!!!  You can access your items form the top or from the front!! They stack easily love that!!  See the door?  It allows you front access and it is clear so you can see what is in the tote!!   Now its contents are all in sight!!  No more “out of sight out of mind”!!


Here is my “linen” tote, top view.


Front view


I can reach in and pull out one of the baskets and I have access to the linens!

Here is my “tableware” tote, top view.


Front view


I am in love with these totes!! They are so versitile and functional.  My food props are stored out of the way,  are easily accessible and are visible! I love the clear doors on the front!!  It cant get better than that can it?


I have yet to fill the bottom tote but I am sure it wont take me long to fill it up!!  And guess what???  When it is time to move your already set to go!!  Just pick up your totes and move them to your new location!!!

If you want more information about Home Depot or Rubbermaid you can find them at the following Social Media Hot Spots!!

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Home Depot Twitter

Home Depot Web Page

Rubbermaid FaceBook

Rubbermaid Twitter

  Ok help me out here what are your easiest organizational tips???  As you know I need all the help I can get so leave those tips for me!!!

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