Hard Things~The Journey Begins

In my first post for 2013 I shared with you my “I can do hard things” post.  Well I am doing hard things, the journey begins!!  This past week began the repeated journey of weight loss!!  I shared a little bit with you about my life on the roller coaster of weight loss and weight gain.  For the last 4 or 5 years I have been on the up swing of weight gain.  I let it get out of hand to the point I hurt when I walked, and hobbled like a 70-year-old woman. Well enough was enough.  This week for the first time in years I actually lost weight!!!  Yup and I feel pretty good!! I said I was going to share with you the ups and downs of this journey so fasten your seat belt here we go!!

Here is my starting photos it is not pretty but I am going to post it anyways! (Posting these photos is hard for me.) I wont bore you with measurements and starting weight, lets just say I weigh almost 2 times what I should!!! LOL!!


So here I am no make-up, hair not done.  Just me. This was last week.  Well I am so excited to share with you I am ten lbs lighter than when these photos were taken!!!  Yay Me!!!

It was hard.  It was strict.  It produced the results I wanted.  Yes it is safe, I have chosen to work with a dietician/nutritionist who is monitoring my food to ensure I get exactly what my body needs.  It’s pretty cool he even did a body composition analysis,  you know when they have you hold the device out in front of you and it takes your body composition electronically!   So high-tech!!  I meet with him one on one weekly.  We talk and reevaluate how my week went and make adjustments accordingly.  I need the one on one it makes me accountable.  He is a PA so he knows his stuff,  I like that!

weight loss

Weight loss is hard no matter what you say or do.  It is just plain hard and we can’t just stop eating ummmm we would die!!!LOL!!  I would love to hear your tips on weight loss.  What works for one person may or may not work for another but it’s all good to share!!


I need to tell you I am not a doctor and if you decide to begin a weight loss plan please consult with your physician before starting.   Lets diet safe!


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