Happy Valentines Day!! Craft Room Update!

Today is the day we all celebrate Love, being in love and loved ones!!  Well I thought I would give myself a valentines gift!!  I took the day off from work!!  Yay!! I have been sooo busy lately with 2 yard sales and the relocation of my craft room!! Remember this room?

The new room looks a lot like these pictures right now!!! We moved it from the spare bedroom on the south end of the upstairs to the north end of the upstairs!  The new craft room was painted a dark blue yup that’s right dark blue so we started with paint.  That took a bit of work!!  Once this was done we then moved in the desks.  We used the IKEA Antonius frames and wire baskets for the leg supports and then 24″x80″ hollow doors from Home Depot for the desk tops!!  They works out great lots of storage and work space! And easy on the wallet too!!  When the room is all done I will post pictures!!  It will take a while but here is some of my inspiration!!


This time I am going to make sure it is finished!!!  I love that pink chair I gotta make one for my craft room!!




  1. Good luck! I am still trying to create my office/craft room. It’s a work in progress.

    Can’t wait to see yours!

  2. It is definitley a process!! Hopefully this time I will finish!! I am closer this time than the last though!!

  3. How’s that room coming along, Laura? :)

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