Happy Fourth of July!! Red White and Blue Rose Headband!!

Good Morning America!!!  Today is the day we celebrate our independence!! Yay!!  So I had high ambitions of making a new blouse or something to wear today.  However things just got in the way!!  But I am just the kind of person who has to have something new sometimes!!!  I am also in the midst of preparing for our granddaughters visit this coming Friday!!!  She just turned one so we are “baby proofing the house!!!  So needless to say I have been extremely busy and have been fighting a cold on top of it all!!  Ok enough rambling back to the something new!!!!

I absolutely love Vintage Rose Wraps and get so many compliments when I wear them!!!  There is just one glitch that I cannot seem to shake and it is absolutely user error cuz’ no one else I know of has this issue!!  MY HAIR GETS TIED IN THE KNOT!!!!  So I found a fabric headband that has elastic in the back and is sooooooooooooooo  easy to put on!!  So my little mind got to working and I came up with this!!!

Now I know it is not as cute as the real deal but it is comfortable and easy to wear!!  And when its gonna be 118 degrees outside my hair needs all the help it can get!!!

I hope you all have a safe and fun Fourth of July!!!


  1. It turned out really really cute! Perfect for today. I’m getting up the nerve to break out my sewing machine this week..it scares me..but your headband is inspiring!

  2. Thanks Jessa!! I have recently rediscovered my love for sewing!!! I have been sewing since I was 11 and I love it!! I will get a tutorial up for this soon!! Take the plunge and break out that machine!!!LOL!!!

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