Fun with Flavored Sparkly Waters!! #ClearAmerican! #cbias!

I have to say I love carbonated beverages but do not drink “fully leaded” drinks or those with sugar!  I have been drinking sugar free carbonated drinks since I was a oh about 8 years old!!  I love carbonation!!!  Love the bubbles!! I prefer to eat my calories than drink them!!  (with the occasional exception of a smoothie!)

So when our family had to make some changes to our diet and #FamilyMeals  I stumbled on the “Clearly American” flavored waters at WalMart!!  They come in a multitude of flavors and are easy on the wallet!!

They contain no sugar, no sodium and no calories!!  My kind of drink!

I even tweeted about them a while ago!! Take a peek at this TWEET!!

I ventured out to WalMart and headed to the “water” aisle.

I love the “sea” of shopping carts you can find there!

I love how clean the store always is.  Look at that shine on the floor!!

I had a plan!!  I watched “The Pioneer Woman” show Saturday morning and Ree made a yummy Blackberry cobbler!!

So now your asking how does this tie in with the “Clearly American” waters????  Well her recipe called for 1 cup of each of these: self rising flour, sugar, and milk.

I wanted to replace the milk with the water!!!  I also decreased the sugar by 1/4C.  to compensate for the sweetness of the water!  I did not change anything else to her original recipe which can be found HERE.  I used the Key Lime flavor!

The result was amazing!!  Just a hint of citrus!!


Want a bite???

Next I am gonna try a cake!! 1 Cake mix, 12 oz Clear American water and bake!!  I will let Y’all know how that one turns out!!

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“Disclosure: This shop has been compensated as part of a social shopper insights study for Collective Bias, which is a vendor for Cott Beverages Inc., the manufacturer of Clear American® brand beverages.”  The views and opinions are my own.


  1. That looks so yummy!

  2. I’m loving the use of the water in various recipes!! This is a great idea. Thanks for sharing!

  3. That’s awesome! I’ve heard people say they use Clear American in baking but it’s usually as a replacement for water. Great idea to use it in place of milk and even better that you were able to reduce the sugar!

    Love it! Now, can you come to my house and make it? :)

  4. Yum yum yum!! Looks delish. Thanks for sharing ;-)

  5. Looks delicious!

  6. We love our CLEAR AMERICAN! The cobbler looks great!

  7. This recipe sounds so good–I love blackberries, and the use of the water instead of milk is genius!

  8. Nicole this recipe is sooooooo easy!! Give it a try!!!

  9. That cobbler looks good. All those flavors of water make me thirsty.

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