Fabulous Swag for Crafty Pinterest Bloggers Night!

I love Instagram and Heather from Glitter and Gloss had been posting photos of her Craft Party and I have to tell you how jelly faced I was!!LOL!!!

So I was thrilled when my sweet friend Sara from Clever Pink Pirate sent me a text msg on June 6th about having a Bloggers Craft Night!  Nine days later we had our Bloggers Craft Night, but let me tell you about what happened before the event.

I got this hair brained idea to send out a couple of emails and Facebook messages to some of my absolutely FAVORITE bloggers who also have amazing handmade businesses!! I also sent a few emails to some well established businesses.  It is always so difficult to ask for goodies and I was taken aback by the generosity and outpouring of support from these wonderful women!!  When I came home from work each day there was something waiting,  a box, an envelope, something for the event!! I want to tell you that these women did not even hesitate to send us some amazing SWAG!!  Let me tell you about each of them!! 

I met Heather from The Sewing Loft this past April at Snap!!  She was our next door neighbor and what a doll!!  She sent the most adorable Zipper Flower Kit!!  She is a very accomplished pattern designer and is very well know in the Sewing circle!!  You have to visit her blog sometime!  Lots of fun ideas and adorable patterns!!

Katie from Vintage Rose Wraps sent each attendee their very own Vintage Rose Wrap!!  I met Katie at Creative Estates 2 years ago,  she is also a friend of my SIL & BIL!!  Such a small world!!  Katie is the sweetest gal!!!  I actually got to go to the shipping office to pick up the wraps and let me tell you  I wanted to buy one of each and every wrap there!!  I had to show some self control and I am sure Johnnie (who I met at the office) thinks I am crazy!!  I did end up purchasing 2 new wraps that  I love!!!

Have you seen Brassy Apple patterns??  Megan sent each attendee a certificate to download one of her patterns!!  Seriously she has some adorable patterns and they are so easy to use!! I have made her Shaggy Mosaic Jeans and they are so fun to wear!!  She is also doing S.O.S. on her blog, with fun guests and tutorials,  stop by sometime you will not be disappointed!!

The girls from Pick Your Plum sent a box full of all kinds of crafty goodness each attendee got some goodies to make some Cabochon jewelry and they even sent some goodies for giveaways!!




Quik Trip sent us some coupons for a late night snack!!!  Who doesn’t love a QT beverage and a sweet treat after crafting all night???LOL!!

I have been a HUGE fan of Kim from The TomKat Studio.   She sent the most adorable berry baskets filled with the cutest party goodies!!  My favorite was the gumball tube filled with red and white gumballs!!  Pinterest colors!!  She matched the theme colors!!  I love that!!

If you have not seen her adorable printables she is having a 4th of July special on Groop Dealz, great time to grab some of her adorable printables!!

Jill from Plaid Crafts Online sent us enough goodies that every attendee won a give away from Plaid!!  We all love to win goodies!

I met Becki the owner and designer of Whippy Cakes at SNAP too!!  She had me laughing so hard I almost peed my pants!! No lie!!  She amazing!!  And she had her little Cookie with her too so adorable!!  I think she is addicted to Instagram just like me!!  She sent us Gift Certificates to give to 2 of our lucky attendees!!

Had it not been for these generous women our SWAG bags would have been nonexistent.  As I said earlier the generosity of these women amaze me!  To them I say THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!

Sara and I wanted to make this a great night for all who attend and wanted to give some of our other Blogging friends a chance to meet and be “Pinspired” from each other I think we achieved that, the SWAG was the icing on the cake!!

We hope to do this again so stay tuned!!!


  1. I was so surprised and amazed at the generosity of our SWAG! I’ve met most of those ladies who donated…they are truly lovely, inside and out. Thanks to you and Sara for organizing such an amazing event!!

    Lotsa Love!

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