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I have friends in the organization and they have always raved at how wonderful the products are. I decided to give the 24K product a try!!

I was able to purchase the small bottles and I have to say I like it!! The bottles are small enough to fit in my purse or lunch bag and are resealable so you don’t have to use it all at once as there are 2 servings in the small bottle.

I used 24K mid morning which is a huge drag time for me.  I get up at 3am to get to work by 5am so around 8am or 9am am fighting to stay focused and awake!!!  LOL!! 24K gave me the focus and the energy boost I needed. 

Here is what their website states about their product

“24K’s synergistic blend of 24 active ingredients taps into your body’s natural vitality to provide energy, focus and stress relief. And with no caffeine, no sugar and only 5 calories per serving, its healthy energy for body, mind and spirit.

Available in a multi-serving 28-ounce bottle and in two-ounce “double-shots” for when you’re on the go.

Reliv’s healthy energy shot 24K was named the People’s Choice for Favorite New Consumer Product at the 2011 American Business Awards.

Most popular energy products rely on caffeine to provide a quick jolt. This can cause an unhealthy spike in heart rate, leading to an inevitable crash. 24K contains 24 powerful ingredients backed by clinical research and formulated synergistically to tap into your body’s natural vitality and promote peak performance. These include:

    Omega-3 Fatty Acids – instrumental in the function of brain cell membranes  and proven to help improve learning and    memory
    Resveratrol – improves blood flow to the brain, enhancing brain performance and focus
    B Vitamins – essential for the body’s energy production and optimal brain function
    Beta Alanine – reduces fatigue, improves strength and endurance
    Coenzyme Q10 – brain-enhancing nutrient and central to cellular energy production
    Valerian Root – provides “alert relaxation,” or energy without the jitters; shown to reduce stress in those experiencing anxiety
    Gama Aminobutyric Acid (GABA) – serves as a neurotransmitter that reduces anxiety; controls the brain’s theta waves and increases endorphins
 All 24 Ingredients work together to address all factors of the fatigue cycle.  To view the nutritional label click here:

I don’t usually use “energy” products on a regular basis but I feel with what 24K has to offer I could use this every day.  When speaking with my dear friend Linda who I purchased my 24K  from she stated the effects get progressively better the longer you use the product.  I used 24K for the past 3 days and I agree it has increased my focus and mental clarity!!  Both of which I need!!! 

If you are interested in trying 24K you will need to find a distributor if you don’t know one!!  You can go here to find one!

I found the website to be very easy to navigate and user-friendly!

For more about my shopping experience visit my G+ story!!


  • “This shop has been compensated as part of a social shopper insights study for Collective Bias. #CBias “all opinions are my own”


  1. Thanks for sharing your feedback on 24K, Laura! We’re glad you like your healthy energy shot! Great blog, by the way. We might need to try a couple of those cupcakes here at Reliv…
    ~Annie from Reliv International Headquarters

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