Day 8~”31 Days of PINK” With Leanna From “All Done Monkey”!

Hello Y’All~todays guest is Leanna from All Done Monkey!  Leanna is a stay at home mother to a sweet, funny, rambunctious two and a half year old boy, with a baby on the way.  She draws inspiration from the Writings of the Baha’i Faith and tries to raise her little Monkey in a fun, spiritual, loving environment.  Having studied anthropology, history, and library science, Leanna now trolls the internet and Pinterest for recipe and craft ideas. ”All Done Monkey” is her attempt to make sense of it all.

Pink -

Nine years ago this past month we lost someone incredibly dear to us. In thinking of how to pay tribute to her, I remembered what great care she always took in her appearance. She was not at all a vain person, but she somehow always managed to look lovely even during the worst of her treatments. One of the ways her sisters knew they could cheer her up was to give her a manicure. I have fond memories of sitting around the house with them as they fussed over her nails, everyone glad to have something to focus on other than medications and doctors’ appointments.

She was an incredibly beautiful soul, inside and out. We miss her everyday.

Thank you so much for sharing your “PINK” story with us.  I am so excited Leanna is here today.  If you get a chance stop over at All Done Monkey and take a look around Leanna has recipes and “mommy” tips and tons of other great stuff!!

You can also find Leanna on Pinterest and make sure to “Like” All Done Monkey on Facebook!! 

All Done Monkey is a parenting blog that focuses on raising world citizens, natural parenting, and spiritual education. Leanna is a stay at home mother to a sweet, funny, rambunctious two and a half year old boy, with a baby on the way. She and her husband, who is from Costa Rica, strive to raise their little Monkey to be bilingual and bi-cultural in a fun, spiritual, loving environment. All Done Monkey is dedicated to sharing this journey with you!

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