Day 22~”31 Days of PINK” Karen Desert Chica Ramblings

Hi Pink Cake readers! I am Karen from Desert Chica Ramblings, I “ramble” about my 2 little guys, our family adventures, my attempts at creativity and just about anything in between!
I was honored to join the 31 Days of Pink but stumped on what I could share. I am not really a “pink” girl and with two little boys I couldn’t rely on them for inspiration either!
So I went hunting through my closet and voilà found the perfect item tucked away with my childhood “treasures”. One summer vacation, my dad bought me a pair of pink bird barrettes at a roadside stand.
Pink Cake Plate Barettes
I only have one barrette left but it is the perfect thing to share today. It’s pink and it reminds me of childhood. I am sharing this picture today for all the kids and grand kids affected by breast cancer.
My mom was diagnosed with triple negative breast cancer 5 years ago. I’d just given birth to my first little guy and was horrified. I couldn’t believe I might lose my mom and my son might grow up without his grandma. It made me feel like a helpless little kid.
Thankfully, my mom fought hard and won. And my boys get to enjoy their grandma all the time! I wish all kids were so lucky.

Isnt this a fantastic story of the power of love and the strength to  fight!!  I am so happy your Mother is doing well Karen!!  Please take the time to POP over to Desert Chica Ramblings it is an adorable blog!!  Lots of fun family goodies!!   I love her Halloween Family Costume Round up such cute ideas!!  You can also find Karen on TWITTER, PINTEREST and Instagram as desertchicaramblings.  And Please go LIKE her FACEBOOK page!!

Thank you sooooo much Karen for being here today!!!

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