Day 20 ~”31 Days of PINK” With Heather from BRIE BRIE BLOOMS

Hi, I’m Heather from Brie Brie Blooms.  I’m so excited to be a part of this great series!  I’m a big fan of Laura’s and just love everything she does.  Although I knew of her and her awesome site previously, we just met in person last summer.  We quickly became friends and, along with Sara from Clever Pink Pirate, hosted a fun Pinterest party together last month.

My blog, Brie Brie Blooms, is full of kids crafts and fun snack ideas.  My three-year old daughter is usually the source of inspiration for most of my projects.  She has been crafting with me since she was just an infant and I love having a little assistant in my office.  She currently loves paint and washi tape.  Just like her momma, in addition to loving crafts my daughter also has a great love for Disney.  My husband and I both grew up loving Disney.  As a couple we purchased annual passes and visited Disneyland frequently.  Before we had our daughter we talked about the appropriate age to bring children to Disneyland for their first visit.  I clearly remember we both decided it definitely would not be before they could remember the experience.  Jump ahead a few years later and we were in Disneyland with our nine month old daughter for the first time.  Remembering her first visit to Disneyland is a reminder of just how much our plans changed once she came into the picture.  When I think of something pink my mind goes to that Disneyland trip where we purchased her first pair of Mickey ears.

She has certainly outgrown those pink ears but I know the memory of that first visit will always come back when I think of something pink.
A special thanks to Laura for putting this series together and inviting me to share my pink!
I just love Heather she is amazing and how about those “PINK” Mickey ears beyond adorable!!  Heather is as sweet in person as she is in Blog Land and she is full of crafting inspiration!!  I too had known Heather from Blog Land before we met in person,  and she is just fantastic IRL too!!  Please take a moment and visit her BLOG it is chock full of great ideas!!  You can also follow her on TWITTER , PINTEREST, and look for her on INSTAGRAM by briebrieblooms!  Oh Ya go LIKE her FACEBOOK page too!!


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