Day 18~ “31 Days of PINK” My “31 Days” SMASHBOOK

I have recently been enamored with SMASHBOOKS and made my first one for my Disneyland trip!!  If you would like you can take a peek at my Disneyland Smashbook!!


Well I had the fantastic opportunity to attend my first “SMASH BALL” hosted by the sweet Becki of Whippy Cake!  I just love her!!

 Isnt she adorable?? 

 Here I am hard at work!!

I decided to make my Smash book to commemorate and honor all my guests who have shared stories and PINK photos this month!! So here is the cover of my “31 Days of PINK” Smashbook~


I am going to take a page for each guest and decorate it with their blog header and photo and a small blurb about their post so I can remember all who contributed to the “31 Days of PINK” series!!  Not sure when I will complete this book but when I do I will post an update!!!

Have a fantastically PINK day today!!

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