Day 15~ “31 Days of PINK” Cindy from Jenkins Kid Farm

Hello Everyone!  I’m Cindy Jenkins over at Jenkins Kid Farm.  You can also find me as VitaGirl on Instagram and Twitter.

My husband and I are a family of “YOURS” and “MINE”…but no “US”!  We have been married for only five years but we started with ten kids between us.  Can you believe people actually asked us if we planned on having any together?  What? As much as I love kids, I’m definitely through with having more babies of our own!  lol.

With 10 kids and almost 9 grandkids, you can imagine that I have lots to draw from, ja?!!  I love doing crafts, cooking and decorating, we have lots of events to celebrate and I love sharing the best of it all with my readers!

I’m so excited to be posting PINK again for Laura!  Last year’s post for PinkCakePlate was my first guest post and I’ll admit, I was a little nervous at first.  The update on that post is that I have since gotten my first mammogram and the results were A-OK!  It’s nice to know!!  Well now another year has gone by, I feel a bit more seasoned as a blogger and I have spent tons of time with Laura.  We’ve spent at least 20 hours in a car together, plus being roommates for a few days, and we’ve bumped into each other at several events.  She’s an awesome lady!

When I tried to imagine what PINK I might have to share, I kept thinking of this picture I had posted on Instagram back in the spring.  I mean, how much more PINK can it get?  These are all images from my 10 yo daughter’s bedroom, even though she hates PINK.  What is up with all my girls hating PINK?  I feel so cheated, which is why I put so much PINK in her room anyway!  Ha!  I love PINK!  I have a super sparkly PINK phone cover!  PINK shoes!  PINK clothes!  PINK anything and everything!  I am woman, hear me roar PINK!

At times being a woman can be difficult!  It can be physically painful to bear children and emotionally painful to raise them.  Not always, but usually we are burdened with the menial domestic chores of our homes. Our bodies go through so many changes, first when we are becoming women, and later (like me now) when our bodies are depleted of the things it needs.  So much is required of us.  So much is expected.  BUT I LOVE BEING A WOMAN!!!  I wouldn’t want it to be any other way!  Being a woman feels like being privileged!  To me, PINK embodies womanhood and femininity.  Ladies, I guess what I’m trying to say is…..embrace your PINK!  Embrace your womanhood and take joy in it!

Now go put on some PINK and strut your stuff!

Cindy is fantastic I love hanging with her!!  She is a great mother and wonderful friend!!  Her creativity is over the top!!  Please stop by her blog she has some adorable “Owl” crafts and fun treats!! Please go like her FACEBOOK PAGE!!  Her Pinterest Boards are a fantastic source of inspiration!!  And her INSTAGRAM pictures are always fun to see!!   You can follow her on TWITTER too!

Thank you so much Cindy for being here today!!  Ya go put on some PINK and flaunt it!!!

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