Day 10~ “31 Days of PINK” With Britney from Jesse’s Girl Blog

Today’s Guest is Britney from Jesse’s Girl.  I had the wonderful opportunity to meet Britney last Friday at Glitter Academy!!  What a sweet girl!!  She eluded warmth and kindness,  I was so excited I was able to meet her IRL!!  Here is a little more about Britney!

Britney {Jesse’s Girl} blogs about her life with her husband (Jesse) and their two-year-old son. She loves to talk about crafting, holidays, fun activities for her toddler, life, fashion, decor, and anything that strikes her fancy!


I am so excited to share with you Britney’s PINK photo today so I will let Britney take it away!!

This has always been one of my favorite quotes. It inspires to do good. It inspires to be the best you. It inspires confidence and strength. When I was nine, my aunt died of cancer that started in her breasts and spread to her back and brain. It was really tough for me to grasp the reality of death at such a young age. What made it even tougher to understand was how strong my aunt was. I didn’t fully understand that she was sick and hurting because she never once showed it. She always smiled. She lived her life. She had confidence and strength. She was amazing! My grandmother is lucky enough to be a breast cancer survivor (over 20 years cancer free!). She epitomizes this quote, in my opinion, and it’s no question where my aunt got her strength from.

I look at so many women who are suffering from breast cancer and they just don’t show it. They are brave and strong and happy. They “live the life [they]’ve imagined.” I hung this quote above my desk in my office to remind me to do the same.

I love this Britney thank you so much for being here today!!  I hope I can “Live the life I imagined” !! I love this quote too!

Britney’s blog is another that is crammed full of wonderful inspiration, craftiness, and just plain great stuff!!  Make sure you stop by her blog and leave some Pink Cake Plate Love!!  You can find Britney on Pinterest HERE:  And follow her Tweets HERE: And make sure you like her on Facebook HERE:  If your on Instagram you can look for her by searching for jessesgirlblog .

Oh ya Britney has another  blog too!  I can’t believe she maintains two blogs!!  I have a hard time with one!!  Her is a little more about her second blog

She also enjoys writing (especially for children and young adults) and has a second blog about the writing life & what she is learning on her path to publication.


Thank you again for being her Britney!!  I was so glad to meet you Friday night!!

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