Creative Estates Wrap Up!

So everyone beat me to the punch getting their posts up about Creative Estates I am a slow poke.  It is tough when you work full time and have a horrendous commute!!  I don’t know how other bloggers do this!!  And some post every day!!  I am lucky to post once a week!!

Ok enough whining…LOL!

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Ahhhh yes Back to Creative Estates.  I have to say this was probably the most fun conference I have ever attended.  I was surrounded by the most amazing women.  I felt a bit intimidated by all the talent that was there.  Me being a new blogger and some being in the game for years, it became clear that we all began blogging for different reasons.  Some to keep far away family and friends informed, some to document life, some to let their creative energy flow, some to promote their business.  But for whatever reason we started blogging didn’t matter, what mattered was we were all there to share, inspire, and support one another along our blog journey.

We were greeted opening night at El Zocalo with a beautiful dessert table styled by Kim from and her Staff.

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Friday we were greeted by co-founder Shaylynn Brenner of and Tauni Everette of

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We then were treated to a Panel of inspirationa women who spoke about working with the media! One was Kim from

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I started following The Tom Kat Studio a few years ago.  I watched Kim’s passion for parties and home decor grow.  I witnessed her company of one person expand to four.  I wouldn’t have been able to see the miraculous growth had it not been for her blog.

We were uplifted by Kim’s remarks on how to work with the Media.  She was honest, straight forward and absolutely adorable!!

Friday was spent in various classes and a “creative session”.  This is where we were able to get down and dirty with “the girls.”  LOL!! There was laughing, sharing and candy eating going on during these sessions!!

Friday night I headed home wanted to be with the Hubs and it was so nice this was a local event!!

Saturday greeted us with rain rain and more rain!!  Much needed and I was glad we were inside for the day!!

The morning session was fantastic as usual.  We were inspired by a wonderful panel of bloggers who have somehow in this crazy world been able to make thier lives work balancing family, blogging, business and other life events!!

One such was the infamous BeckyHiggins of

You know the Scrapbook DIVA!!


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She was just a nice as could be and ya she was adorable too!!!  Such beauty inside and out!!

The afternoon was filled with the creative class again.  I loved it!! I participated in a class from which was an Anthropology knock off necklace!! Sooo Cute!!


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Bev from Flamingotoes was just a sweet as could be!! You need to check out her blog!

I so enjoyed the creative time we had.  It was relaxing and fun to sit and create and “chit chat” with the other bloggers.  It was a time to share ideas and get tips from new friends.

There was a Handmade Market with lots of goodies for all to see and buy!!

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Ok so what is better than being inspired, being creative, fed well and the opportunity to shop some of the best handmade goodies on the planet??  I cant hink of anything better than that!!

Dinner on Saterday was some of the best pulled pork, smoked chicken and the famous Mac and Cheese I have ever eaten!!

Here is a picture of myself and Heidi from waiting to break into dinner!!

Photo courtesy of MelissastuffI have to say I had a great time and I will be posting again about this fantastic event I must tell you all about the wonderful women I met.  Yes I will save that for another post so stay tuned!!






  1. You ar etoo too sweet! I loved meeting you and am so glad you had a great time at Creative Estates! I hope you can make it to the Salt Lake Conference.

  2. You’ve been awarded! Visit for more details!

  3. Thank you so much Kiley!!

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