Candy Coated Maraschino Cherries

Last week I had a fantastic Fro-Yo party and made these adorable dipped Maraschino Cherries!  I have to tell you they were the easiest things to make and everyone loved them!! I thought I would show you how to make them!!  Your friends and family will be so impressed!!


Candy Melts- I used hot pink, yellow and orange

Maraschino cherries with stems


paper towels

small microwave save bowls

wax or parchment paper

Place Cherries in colander and let sit for about an hour.  It is crucial to get the cherries as dry as possible.

 Just before dipping place on paper towel to absorb more juice.

Just before I dipped the cherries I gently wiped the entire surface of the cherry.

Melt a small amount of candy melt in bowl. I used my microwave at 20-30 second intervals stirring in between.  When the candy is melted take each very dry cherry by the stem and dip in the candy.

Roll the cherry as needed to cover it with just a bit around the stem left un-coated!!  I liked the look of the fruit peeking through but you can cover them completely if you want.

Shake as much of the melted candy off the cherry as possible.

 Place on wax paper or parchment paper until candy has hardened and set!!

There you have it Candy Coated Maraschino Cherries! Now enjoy!!


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