Quick and Easy Labor Day Treat! Junior Mint Brownie Bites!!


Are you going to a family gathering or a BBQ today and need an easy and quick treat to bring???  How about quick and easy Junior Mint Brownie Bites!!   Now you all know I am not afraid to start with a mix and add to it.  When you get a last-minute invite sometimes you just need some help from Betty or Duncan!!!  such sweet friends!! LOL!!

I picked up this mix at the  dollar store and with a few “extra” ingredients you can have these yummy brownie bites in no time at all! You can use any mix  and you will need the ingredients to make the brownies and just a box of Junior Mint candies! I had some extra frosting in my fridge for the drizzle but these are great just plain!


Mix your brownies according to the package directions and add a teaspoon of vanilla to the batter and bake according to the directions.


When the brownies are done and while they are still hot take a Junior Mint and press into the middle of each brownie and then repeat so you have 2 mints in each brownie.  They will get all melty and gooey!!  YUMMMM!!  Let them cool and your ready to go!!  OR you can drizzle frosting or melted chocolate on top!!


These took me about 25 minutes to make not including the cooling time! Oh and I had to throw some sprinkles on top!!  You know that’s how I roll!!!


Have a fantastic and safe Labor day!!!

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