Burlap Flower Tutorial!! Easy 30 Minute Craft!

I am so glad my sweet friend Wendy from Around My Family Table asked for a Burlap Flower Tutorial!! This Easy 30 Minute Craft is not only easy but your friends will love the flowers too!!  Just look how cute this burlap flower is on my hat!!

burlapflowermarqueeSo are you ready lets use this Burlap Flower Tutorial!! to make this easy 30 Minute Craft!

Fabric flowers are super easy to make and take really no time at all.  From the pretty “singed” flowers to the beautiful rolled rosettes fabric flowers can add charm and whimsy to any project!!

All you will need is:

1- 2.5 “x 21″ strip of burlap

2 felt circles I used my Spellbinder Grand Calibur and Spellbinder Standard Circles SM

1-flat back pin

buttons of choice

hot glue gun and sticks

1.You will need to cut your burlap and the easiest way to do that is to gently pull on thread of burlap out of the fabric at the 2.5″ measurement. First cut the pulled thread at the 21″mark.  Then gently pull the thread all the way out and cut down the center of the area where the thread was removed.

2. Your going to repeat the above process however do not pull the thread all the way out this is going to gather the burlap.  I counted 4 threads into the fabric and used this as my gathering thread. burlapflowercollage1a

 3.Pull gently from both ends and work the gathers to the middle of the burlap.  If you pull to hard you will break the thread and have to start again.  Trust me on this I speak from experience!

4. Pull the threads until the burlap is gathered as much as it can be then take both ends of the gathering threads and tie them into a knot.

5. Using my Grand Calibur and Spellbinder Standard Circles SM I cut out 2 brown felt circles  for the larger felt circle I used the # 3: 1⅝″ die, for the smaller felt circle I used the #2: 1⅛″ die.  These will be for the back of the flower.  I love using the Grand Calibur and Spellbinder Standard Circles SM dies it makes the back look so professional and clean!!

6.  Now is where the hot glue comes into play.  I put hot glue on the back the size of the felt circle.

burlapflowercollage2a7. Gently place the larger felt circle over the hot glue and gently press the felt into the burlap.

8. You will be using the smaller felt circle and the flat back pin.

9. Cut the sides off the smaller felt circle.

10. Use one line of hot glue on the back of the felt circle and then place the pin on top of the hot glue be careful not to burn your fingers.

burlapflower3aa11. Place hot glue over the top of the flat back pin in the shape of your smaller felt piece.

11.  Carefully place the smaller felt piece over the hot glue and press gently again be careful not to burn your fingers.  We’re now done with the back of the flower.


12. I have this wonderful jar of vintage buttons!  So I searched through my jar and found the button I wanted to use and simply attached the button with more hot glue!

And that is a burlap flower you can make in less than thirty minuets!!!


I liked the buttons so much I added a couple more little ones to my finished product(you can see this in the first photo)!!  Have fun with this you can go more casual or you can really dress it up!!  Burlap is super versatile these days!!

I am a member of the Spellbinders Spellblogger Team.  I may have been compensated monetarily, with product or both,  however all experiences and opinions are 100% my own.

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