Budget Friendly Christmas Decor

I hope everyone had a fantastic Christmas!!  I am just now getting around to posting a new post!!  I have been sick with a cold and have had to pretty much sleep my way through the holiday!!

I wanted to share with you my easy Christmas Table decor!  I found some really pretty wrapping paper at Target and some other simple pieces there too so I started with those as my inspiration!!

I did not have a table runner so I made one with the wrapping paper and some brown butcher paper I had lying around the house!!  I simply cut out 2 rectangles the size I wanted with the wrapping paper being about an inch and a half smaller than the butcher paper.  I then used my Elmers CraftBond™ Permanent Tape Runner and secured the paper together.  I then ran it through my sewing machine with a wide zig zag stitch!  I then took my pinking shears and trimmed the edge of the butcher paper!!  This took me all of about 20 minutes to make!!

Here is a close up of the edge.

I found 2 really cute Christmas trees at Target too and the thought came too me to put them in my glass jars!!  I had another tree I had made years ago so this made 3 trees in glass jars as my centerpiece for my table!!  I love it!!

I purchased some floating candle at IKEA a few days ago and this inspired my next piece of the table decor.  I took all my jars I had been saving and wrapped them with burlap “ribbons” at the bottom I punched snowflakes from paint chip cards and adhered them with my Elmers CraftBond™ Glue Spots oh how I love glue spots!!

I found a really cute snowflake bunting at Target too and placed that around the glass jars.  I also purchased some felt ornaments and placed them around the jars too!

I purchased 2 of the snowflake buntings, the second one I cut apart and used the snowflakes as coasters for our water goblets!!  Pretty cute!!

I found a package of “Merry Christmas” ornaments at the thrift store and combined them with my “Christmas Crackers” for favors!!  I think these turned out pretty cute too!

Now the real focal point I wanted to emphasize was our new picture!!  My dear friend had this very picture hanging in her home,  I fell in love with it and of course had to have it!!


I placed more jars with floating candles below the picture to illuminate it with light!!  I love how this turned out also!!


I think I spent maybe $30 all together on decor minus the picture of course but for low-cost table decor I think I did pretty well!!

What do you think??  Leave a comment I would love to hear your response!!!



  1. Really cute idea, love the picture also.

  2. Thanks Diana!!! How are you???

  3. Glad you are feeling better! Everything looks so pretty! I wonder if you could make the pictures a tiny bit bigger? (Hope you don’t take offense to that, it would just be a tiny bit easier to see all your beautiful work!)

  4. Kim if you left click on the photos it will bring up a larger photo! HTH!!

  5. I love all of it, especially the jar candles.

  6. What great crafts! They all look so lovely on your table!

  7. Thanks Sara I love floating candles!!

  8. Tonia Thanks!! I had fun with this one and its always nice to shop in your own home for decor!!!

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