Be My Guest!! The CZAR of CHAR and Dove Chocolate Discoveries!

I have a great friend at work who constantly amazes me with his inventive and fantastic recipes!!  I recently asked him to give me his opinion of some of the new Dove Chocolate Discoveries products particularly the savory line!!


Alan has again amazed me with his use of these products so without further a dew here is his creation!! With a step by step of how he used these YUMMY products!


Let it not be said “The Czar of Char” is unwilling to chart new waters!

I had the great fortune to test drive Dove Chocolate Discoveries new line of Savory products

over the Holidays and they certainly did not disappoint. What Dove Chocolate Discoveries and I was able

to accomplish with a simple Pork Loin roast is way over the top even by

“The Czar’s” standards. So get comfy and get your grillin’ gloves on for a feast.



I took a large glass baking dish and slathered in a generous portion of the

 CHOCOLATE FIG BALSAMIC VINAIGRETTE and let it make friends with some lime juice. Then I let the Pork Loin

swim in that for about 45 minutes making sure I got a good soak on the tummy as

well as the back.


I mixed up a simple dry rub using the SWEET ‘N’ SPICY COCOA RUB, some Sea Salt and a

healthy sprinkling of a Jamaica Jerk mix I got at Penzy’s. Nobody does Pork better

than our Rasta brothers. Irie!







Don’t be stingy with the rub and make sure you get into every little pore. Remember,

the deeper the “bark,” the better the “smoke!”

I’m looking at this picture perfect Pork Loin and a thought comes to me.

How about we chop up some walnuts and soak them in the rest of the Tawny Port I had

left from the Holidays?

We will soak them while I go get the grill going.

So here is the advertisement section of the blog. I grill/smoke on an original

Kamado grill. I have had it for about 10 years and love it.

However, a Primo, Weber, Green Egg

or any grill you can get an even fire at a low temperature will do.

Smoking is best done at about 225-230 degrees.


I soaked Cherry wood chips for about an hour prior to fire.

I use charcoal from Indonesian that is made 100% from

pulverized coconut husks. They contain no glue or binding agents

and I light them with propane. OK, I am a bit of a purist but I want

the food to be the star, not the petrochemicals.

We have our grill hood temperature just about perfect …

We add the Cherry wood chips…

So here’s our Loin, covered with Port soaked Walnuts ready for the grill.

Ummmm Good!

I always use a probe and cook to temperature.

This loin will smoke until internal temp is about 155 degrees.

Not to worry about the old wives’ myth, I hood it for a rest

post-smoke that runs it to about 165 degrees.

I like this remote set-up as it allows me to smoke a cigar or

mix a Margarita while my meat “Self Soothes!”

Here’s the final product which I rest for a bit and then serve with

Dove’s final, and best product


Grilled to Medium and served with a simple salad tossed with the

, mashed Cauliflower with fresh Dill

and Cowboy toast.

Bon Apetit.


I was able to taste this Yummy Pork Loin and it was fantastic!!!  Thank you soooo much Alan you have done it again!!

Alan doesn’t have his site up and running yet but he can be found on Twitter at @theCzarofChar and his site is !


  1. Okay this is amazing. It looks tasty and I definitely want to try it! You are a Dove affiliate of some sort, right? If I ordered some of this, how do I make sure you get the credit?

  2. Sara,
    I am a Chocolatier for Dove Chocolate Discoveries any products can be ordered directly through me!!

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