Ballard Design Knock off Magnet Board {Elmer’s Holiday #GlueNGlitter}

 I hope your all ready for the Holidays??  Am I you ask????  Ummmmmm No the answer is No!!  Yes I am a fantastic procrastinator!!  I admit it  I work best under pressure!!

I have been challenged to create a “Knock Off” project.  Well let me tell you the item I chose to create was cute and looked pretty easy to recreate.  I am sure someone else could have done it without any issues.  Needless to say for me it was a HUGE CRAFT FAIL!!  And it was USER ERROR!!! hahahahahah!!

So I scoured the internet Sunday night and found something that I think turned out pretty cute!!  I have seen Knock Off cork boards and Knock off memo boards all over the Blogosphere.  Well in my traipsing around Ballard Designs I found this…

Magnetic Bulletin Boards

I love these but not the price the small one is $39 and the larger is $69 both a bit out of my budget so off to Walmart and the Elmers aisle I go!!


I had to have these!!  They are cute and PINK!!!!

To see more of my shopping trip click HERE or click on the Google+ icon in the upper right corner!!

Here is what I used:

Elmer’s X-TREME Glue Sticks  (a personal favorite)

Elmers Corrugated Tri-fold Display board

Elmers Craft Bond Fabric & Paper Glue

Elmers Craft  Bond Extra Strength Spray Adhesive

X-ACTO Precision Scissors

X-ACTO Decorative Shapes Templates (used this first for the craft fail LOL!)

CraftBond Glue Spots

 1/2 yard of fabric I used a black and white houndstooth but you could really use anything you like.

1 yard black grosgrain ribbon again you can use any color!

2 Grommets and Grommet tool (Thank you Sweetheart!)


Magnetic Spray paint

I first cut apart my tri fold board into 3 pieces , then cut the larger middle piece into two 16″x 22″ boards. (just a bit smaller than the large magnet board) I then sprayed the first board with the Elmers Craft  Bond Extra Strength Spray Adhesive then  stuck the second board on top to create a sturdier board.  I then used the Magnetic spray paint for the front of the double board.

It took about 30 minutes for each coat to dry.  I did 4 coats!!  And the paint really works!!  I love it when my plan works!!

Ok now were ready to put the fabric over the magnetic paint and make it all pretty! I cut the corners of the fabric with my X-ACTO Precision Scissors so it would lay down on the corners nice and smooth.

I used the Elmers Craft Bond Fabric & Paper Glue to adhere the fabric to the back of the board.  When this was dry I took a piece of brown paper and covered the back so it looked all nice and clean.

While this dried I took these little leaves from my earlier craft fail and made these cute magnets!!

Cant have a magnet board without magnets to go on it!!!  I used my X-ACTO Decorative Shapes Templates to cut out the leaves,  and my X-ACTO Precision Scissors to cut out the fabric.

I used the second leaf template for the cardboard and then used the template that was 2 sizes bigger for the fabric.  I then used my Elmers Craft Bond Fabric & Paper Glue to glue the fabric to the shape.  Then I used my Elmers glue dots to secure the magnet to the back of my cute leaf!  I made about 10 of these   waited for the board to dry.

Now back to the board,  my dear Husband helped me with this part!  He had a Grommet Kit in his workbench in the garage and he was so sweet and put the Grommets in my board!!


Here is a close up of the pretty Grommets!!  Thank you Honey!!

I then cut the ribbon and inserted it so I could hang the Magnet board!!


Here is the finished product!!  I think it turned out pretty cute and cost about $10 to make!! I have to tell you I hung the board up with a sewing pin!!  Yes a sewing pin that is how light the board is!!  I love that!!!


Here is a close up of the magnets!  Arent they cute??  Little leaf magnets!!  I had a clothes pin I modge podged and stuck some magnets on it too!!

Ok here is the breakdown of how I calculated the cost to make this project!!

Cost of Supplies for Magnetic Bulletin Board.

Tri fold poster board $3.98

Magnetic spray paint regular price $ 7.99 used 50% off coupon $4.36 used whole can

Fabric had in my stash but probably cost about $2.00

Magnets from Hubby’s stash (a word about magnets the stronger the better for this project!)

Grommet Kit and Grommets Hubby’s stash have no idea how much he paid for it

Black Grosgrain ribbon had in stash

I did not include the cost of adhesives, templates and scissors as these will be used multiple times throughout my crafting adventures, so if you want to add that into the cost it would increase the total cost.  I only calculated the cost of the materials themselves that were consumed in making the Bulletin Board.

How would you like to WIN the ENTIRE Elmer’s Memory Keeping Wall from Walmart! { That’s a $250 value!}
 Just click on any badge in this post!! It will take to the contest!  GOOD LUCK!!
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“This project has been compensated as part of a social shopper insights study for #ElmersHoliday #gluenglitter #Looks4Less #collectivebias #cbias, all opinions are as usual my own!!

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  1. I LOVE the idea of the magnetic paint! I’ve been trying to come up with a new and inexpensive idea to hand the kids artwork in their rooms. (The side of the fridge can only hold so much). I didn’t really want to use a cork board because the pins scare me with my younger kids. I was going to make a board similar using clothes pens like I did for Christmas cards but I like this idea for their artwork better because they can move things around easier with the magnets.
    Thank you so much for sharing this!!!

  2. This is fantastic! Going to add this to my crafting board on pinterest!

  3. Magnetic spray paint?? How cool! I would love to try it. Your board turned out great!

  4. Genius! I love the way they turned out, and for only $10, I’m willing to give it a try!

  5. Amy,
    I added a breakdown of the cost!! Some things I pulled out of my craft stash and Hubby’s too!

  6. That turned out great – I love these knock off projects. You save money and have the pride of knowing you made it yourself!

  7. Love this project! I need to get a grommet tool. :)

  8. I love this idea! The ribbon really makes it pop!

  9. Oh, I love this! What a fantastic way to have the newest, stylish things on a budget!

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