Baby its cold outside!! But when you dont feel well frozen juice treats hit the spot!

So I started feeling a little icky last night  like I was getting a cold. :-( When I got up this morning I felt even worse.  Stuffy head, runny nose, headache, just plain icky.  Who needs this just before Christmas???  One thing I know about me when I get sick is I never drink enough so on top of what ever it is I have I get dehydrated!!  One way I have found that helps me to combat this is to have frozen juice bars on hand and have those throughout the day!!

Yesterday I just happened to be shopping at Target for frozen juice bars!!!

Coincidence you say???  I don’t know but it sure is funny how that worked out!!  I love shopping at Target.  I have to say I am not too happy with the changes they have made to their clothing sections they seem to get smaller and smaller every time I go in.  On the up side they have increased the grocery section at my local Target.

Yesterday I had to pick up an item I purchased online at a home decor store which happens to be right by a Super Target!

Does anyone know why they have the big red balls in front of their stores???? Kinda funny!

I love when you walk in the store they have the ad displayed so you can check for sale items!!

Hey look the frozen section has some goodies on sale!!

This Super Target has a Starbucks for those of you who LOVE Starbucks!!  I am not sure if every Super Target has one or not!

Once inside you first enter the Produce section.  I love how clean and shiny it looks!!

Then you hit the Bakery Secction!! Look what I found there!

And this little beauty came home with me!!  YUMMMMM!!

On my way to the Frozen treat section I had to look at the Hams since this is on our Christmas Eve menu!

There was plenty of signage to get me to the right aisle!!

The Selection was amazing!

I wanted to bring home these!! Don’t they look yummy??

and these…no not the juice bars the Sundae Cones!!!hahahahahahha!

After checking out the rest of the frozen  juice bar treats…

I decided on these!

I love that you get 3 flavors!!! Yumm!!  They are small!  Fat free, and only 45 calories each!!  That means I can eat them all day long and not feel too guilty.  Ok maybe not!!  Take a look at the nutritional info!

And look how cute they are!

So now its your turn!!  What do you look for when purchasing frozen juice bars???  Leave a comment I would love to know what makes you choose the juice bar you choose!!

Ok I am going back to bed after I have another juice bar!!  My head is killing me!!LOL!!

Have safe and Happy Holidays!!


“This shop has been compensated as part of a social shopper insights study for Collective Bias. #CBias “all opinions are my own”


  1. We don’t have any Super Targets in our area, just regular ones, but I do love that they have more grocery items in ours too. As for the clothes, I am 100% with you…they just seem like they are more directed towards teens/early 20’s, when it seemed a little more even keeled not so long ago. And I’m not a coffee drinker, but I think the Starbucks are standard in every Target. :-) Have a merry Christmas!

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