AZ Pinterest Party Craft…Lace Pumpkins!

I have to apologize it has taken me so long to post this but today I want to share with you my craft I worked on at the AZ Pinterest Party!  It will be part of the decor for my MIL 75th Birthday Bash!!  So excited to do this party and I have about a month to get it all together!!

Lace Covered Pumpkins!

So here is what you will need!

Stretch lace or lace that is sold as yardage like fabric (not sure how else to explain this)  I found a stretch lace blouse at the Goodwill and re-purposed it for this craft!

Dollar store pumpkins of various sizes

Spray paint-this is optional if you want the pumpkin to be orange

Hot glue and glue gun

paper sack or craft paper

Step 1: Spray paint your pumpkins and let them dry completely I was able to get away with 1 coat of paint.

Step 2: Cut out the stem of the fake pumpkin,  we will replace it with a cuter one later!

Step 3: Take a square of lace that is about 6″ larger than the pumpkin and place under the pumpkin.  Bring up the lace and poke it down into the opening (you can play with the lace to make it look how you want it to look it took me a time or two to figure out how I wanted it to look) I took the fabric and made small tucks as I lifted the lace and poked it in the opening.  When this is done set it aside.



Step 4: Take your paper bag and rip a piece that is about  12″  wide and 18″  long  forming a triangle,  starting at the wide part of the paper start twisting the paper like you were wringing out a wash cloth moving all the way down to the point.  This will be kinda kooky but trust me it is a cute stem for your pumpkin.  I took small “spots” hot glue to secure the paper in spots to make the stem have shape.


Step 5: Take you lace covered pumpkin and put a ring of hot glue around the opening where the fabric is tucked in.  Before the glue cools take the wide end of your paper stem and push it into the opening as you push it in it will grab the hot glue and secure the fabric to the stem.  It will be nice and secure trust me!!


Now you can embellish the lace pumpkin how you want I can’t decide if I want to add anything to these cuties or leave them as is!!


Hmm dressed up  or not????  Whatcha’ think????  Leave me a comment to let me know!!








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