Three Ingrediant Yogurt Parfait!


While at SNAP Conference some of my bloggy friends had these beautiful fruit and yogurt Parfaits!  They were simply stunning,  served in a martini glass an all!!!  Today I wanted to share a very easy recipe for this yummy breakfast treat!! Now I didn’t want to buy a HUGE bag of granola to make just […]

Karamel Krunch!! Salty Sweet Treat! ~ Recipe


  Have you ever eaten caramel corn and you bite down on an unpopped corn kernel?? Or a corn husk get embedded in your gums?? Ewww right??? Well I have a fun tasty caramel corn alternative!! Karamel Krunch!! I just love this Salty Sweet Treat!! You have to be very careful with this stuff it […]

Waffle Love!! ahhh!! 10 Waffle Iron Recipes!!

10 waffle iron recipes

How many of us have a Waffle Iron??  I love mine!!  Today I have gathered some of my favorite Waffle Iron recipes!!!  Waffle Love!! ahhh!! 10 Waffle Iron Recipes!!  There are some great ways to use your waffle iron for more than just waffles!! How about using your waffle iron to make hash browns?? I […]

10 Minute Craft~ Americana Flag Bunting!!

americana flag bunting

Hey Y’all I hope you had Happy 4th of July!! Here in Arizona it was hot and muggy and threateneding to rain all day!! I was kinda bored so I came up with this super quick super easy kid friendly Americana Flag Bunting that you can make in literally 10 minuets!!  I know I am […]

It’s Round-up time!! 25 Patriotic Desserts!!

25 patriotic desserts

With the 4th of July fast approaching I thought I would share with you some of my favorite picks for 25 Patriotic Desserts!!  It’ Round up time!!!  Just in time to make some of these for your 4th of July festivities!! So just take a look at all the fun and patriotic desserts that are […]