31 Days of PINK~Day 26 Cindy from Jenkins Kid Farm

Today’s post is from Cindy who I met at Creative Estates last April!!  We have then been “tweeting” back and forth since!!  Cindy is amazing!!  She is a mom of 10!!!  Yup that’s right 10 Bambinos and 7 grand Bambinos!!!!!!LOL!!  She blogs over at Jenkins Kid Farm!! You just have to hop over there and take a peek at her blog!!  I get tired just from reading she is CRAZY busy!!  I am excited to get to craft with her in November over at Rachel’s place!!  Rachel blogs here and you gotta take a look at all the cuteness on her blog!!  Amazing stuff!!
I am really excited that Laura has asked me to participate in her 31 days of Pink!
I don’t have much personal experience with breast cancer, although I do have two good friends who are survivors.
My side of the family has practically been untouched by cancer (KNOCK ON WOOD!!) and seem to enjoy long healthy lives, so naturally I’ve never concerned myself with getting a mammogram.  Um, yeah, I know.  I’m tempting fate.  My friends are appalled when they realize I’m so careless.  I mean, I’m 47 years old…..a bit past due, wouldn’t you say?  I always enjoy being surrounded by all the pink every October and even donate funds to the cause, but I’ve never heeded the advice to get checked.
I definitely have good reasons to take care of myself.  My husband and I have a combined family of 10 kids, plus 3 kids-in-law and 7 wonderful grandchildren.  I can’t imagine not being here for many years to come to enjoy the blessings of being in this family.


Here is my pink picture.  I love this photo!  One day I walked in my front door and there were my two daughters’ shoes sitting side-by-side. At the time they were 1 and 12 and it was so precious to me to see the shoes sitting there so neatly beside each other.  It was so representative of their relationship.  It was like the big shoes were there to watch over and protect the little shoes.  My older daughter had so desperately wished and prayed for a baby sister for many years and was completely overjoyed when she finally got one!  Now they are 9 and almost 20 and they still have that special bond.  Why would I not do everything in my power to make sure I’m on this earth to watch over and protect both of them, as well as the many other wonderful people I get to watch over?
That is why I now possess a referral from my doctor to get my very first mammogram.  My appointment is scheduled.  Is yours?
Early detection has proven to save lives!! Take Cindy’s advice schedule your mammogram today if you haven’t already!!!

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