31 Days of PINK~ Day Two


Hey Y’All its day 2 in my quest for “31 Days of PINK”!!  So here is my 2nd photo let me tell you about this picture.  When I met my Husband 5 years ago I was blessed with meeting his dear friends Kevin and Patti.  One evening before we were married Kevin met with my husband for a tender and serious reason.  Kevin’s sweet wife Patti had been diagnosed with Breast Cancer.  Now my husband is s cancer survivor himself he fought and beat Colon Cancer when he was 40yrs old.  He provided Kevin with the love and support he needed.

When we were married Kevin was my Dear Husbands Best Man.

Yes I had a PINK wedding!! Now if you look close and squint your eyes you will see my dress is PINK too!

Now the wedding photo is pink but this is not the photo I have chosen to share today.  Lets get back to Patti.  As Kevin executed his Best Man duties at the reception, Patti came to the reception with her daughter.  As we met to share in the joy of the reception I met Patti as she was just leaving.  She wore a kerchief on her head, as her treatment had robbed her of her beautiful hair.  She was tired and it was time for her to go home.  We spoke for a moment and embraced briefly as we said goodbye.  Patti is a hero to me and I love her very much.  As  side note I was married in 2007.

The picture below is from the 2009 Susan G. Komen race for the cure.

This photo was take of me as I watched and waited to see Patti walk in the Survivors walk that only Survivors participate in.  Patti is a survivor she fought and won her battle with breast cancer.  We walk in the Susan G Komen 5K walk every year.  This year we will be out of town but will still be participating in our hearts.  I will miss not being with Kevin and Patti next weekend.  I will make sure next year not to schedule something that will keep us from attending the walk in the future!!

Patti I love you and will be with you in spirit next Sunday as you walk!!!




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