“31 Days of Pink” Day 2 with Katie from Sweet Rose Studios

Hello Pink Cake Plate Readers!

My name is Katie and you can find me blogging over at Sweet Rose Studio. I love to share all things related to crafts, party planning, sewing, photography, and anything that really strikes my fancy. I met Miss Laura over two years ago and she is amazing. When she says she’s the cake plate girl — she is! Girl has some amazing cake stands!

I am so honored that she asked me to be here today, sharing something pink.

As I was reflecting on what was pink that meant something to me, I just kept coming back to this picture. This is me with my very closest friend that I’ve known since we were in third grade.


We’ve been through more together than I could have ever imagined was possible: boyfriends, break-ups, college, graduations, more weddings than we can count. Now we get to share something that even our husbands may not understand: creating life. After facing what seemed to be a seriously up-hill battle, Andrea is carrying a daughter.

Pink for me is a celebration of new life, a remembrance of all things new and special. It’s a chance to honor the struggles that have come before, but also a way to keep your eye on the future and all the good things that can come.

Thanks again to Laura for having me here today!

Arent these girls just georgous???  I love the “Pink” dress!!  I have to tell you all Katie is one of the sweetest, kindest, most talented girls I know.  The one thing I love about her is how genuine and real she is.  I love reading about her “Momma” days,  and the crafts she comes up with put mine to shame!!  You have to stop by and peruse her blog there is something there for everyone!!  When your over there take a moment and leave her a comment!!  Tell her your stopping by from “Pink Cake Plate”!!!  Katie you are AWESOME!! 

You can find Katie:

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Blog: Sweet Rose Studio and you are going to want to “read” about Katie!

My dear readers “YOU ARE AWSOME TOO!!!”  Go out and have a fantastic day!

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