31 Days of PINK~ Day 16 My dear friend Rebecca

Ok today I am making this really short and sweet!!  My dear Husband threw a surprise Birthday Party last night and the biggest surprise was my older brother Mark flew in from California!!  How great is that?  I haven’t seen my brother in over 4 years!!!  I love him so much!!  Ok enough blubbering!!  Here is today’s picture!

This is a picture of my coworker and dear friend Rebbecca.  She is a cancer survivor not breast cancer but she had thyroid cancer at a very young age!!  I am so grateful for her!!  She is such a dear friend and is an another amazing woman!!  I have the privilege of working with her Monday through Friday!!  Rebecca will be sharing her “PINK” photos in the coming days so check back!!


  1. WAHOOOOO!!!! I am sooo glad you were suprised!!!!! and so sorry we could not be there. hugs

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