31 Days of PINK~ Day 15 Amazing Alex

WOW the month is half over!!  Can you believe that???  I guess it is really true time flies when your having fun!!!LOL!!  Well here is today’s photo:

This is a photo of my beautiful niece Alex.  She is an amazing young woman.  About 2 years ago she was diagnosed with Chroans disease and in my eyes has literally been through a physical hell.  She goes for monthly transfusions, she works a part time job, is a full time college student and has an almost one year old baby brother she helps with.  Now try having a social life on top of that!!! To me this is why Alex is amazing!  With this “31 Days of PINK” I hope to share with you my readers a little bit of me and what is important to me.

Alex is important to me and I love her very much.  Even though this month is about Breast Cancer,  I hope bringing awareness about any disease will help to end these life altering illnesses.  It is my hope that Alex will never battle Breast Cancer but more importantly, is that the amazing Doctors can find a cure for Chroans Disease.

Alex you are an astounding young woman do not ever forget that!!  I love you!!


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