31 Days of PINK~ Day 10

Well  today’s post is a little late because I have not had access to the internet for the last three days and let me tell you it has been torture!!  I have been in Las Vegas.  It has been a crazy weekend!!  So many things happened that I don’t even want to go into it.  Lets say I have NO desire to ever go back there again!!

I have to say THANK YOU to my sweet husband who put up with me this weekend.  I want you all to know that he is my rock.  Without him I would go crazy!!  Now don’t get me wrong he isn’t perfect but neither am I.  But together we are perfect for each other.  So these PINK pictures mean so much to me because this is where we stayed this weekend.  I will tell you a secret.  After my first marriage failed and I became single again I never thought I would find anyone.  So I had come to terms that I was going to be alone.  I was happy with this determination and so I went on with my life.  I dated and took classes, worked a great job and had a pretty full life.  Well I then met my husband and we were pretty much inseperable from day one and have been that way ever since.  We will celebrate out fifth wedding anniversary next July. I love my husband more than he will ever know.

Again I apologize for this being so late but here is Day 10.

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