Homemade Butterbraid with Smart & Final #MyBaristaMoment


How many of us love the wonderful concoctions you can find at the local Coffee Shop or at the famous Seattle “Bucks” Cafe??? Do you know that Smart & Final carry an amazing selection of “Barista” ingredients?  They have the wonderful “Ambiance” product line!! You can make your own yummy coffee drinks at home!!  Let me […]

Round Two:Doggie Manners with Milk-Bone® Treats #ILoveMyk9 and #CBias

milk bone

I have been working with these girls to try to improve their manners!!! They need to learn to sit and stay!!! They know both commands but putting them together and having them stay for a period of time has been difficult.  Usually when they get fed I make them go out of the kitchen and […]

Doggie Manners with Milk-Bone® Treats #ILoveMyk9 and #CBias


If you have been reading my blog I then you might know about these girls!! These girls are my furbabies!!   They love treats and goodies!!  They also need to improve their manners!!!  So with the new year I have decided to “tighten” up their behavior!!  We have worked on this before and my girls are […]

Guest Post at “In The LOOOp” Blog!

Today I am guest posting over at In The LOOP blog!!  Head on over for a tutorial to make L-O-V-E candles with a Printable Freebie!!! Heres a peek!!    The Tutorial is available here also just go to the  Tutorial Page and it will appear in the drop down menu!!! Have a great day!!