Fiber One Gift Pack Give away!!! Easy to win!!!


In my far too many years of dieting, the one thing  I KNOW is that fiber is a must to every dieter!!  It keeps you feeling full and satisfied. According to the 2010 Dietary Guidelines for Americans, we should be consuming between 25 and 38 grams of fiber daily. In reality the average American consumes […]

Fun with Flavored Sparkly Waters!! #ClearAmerican! #cbias!

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I have to say I love carbonated beverages but do not drink “fully leaded” drinks or those with sugar!  I have been drinking sugar free carbonated drinks since I was a oh about 8 years old!!  I love carbonation!!!  Love the bubbles!! I prefer to eat my calories than drink them!!  (with the occasional exception […]

Candy Bowl Cake Tutorial


So I said I was going to post the tutorial on how to make this fun cake so here it is!!! You will need: 1 cake mix flavor of your choice and the ingrediants to make the cake. Enough frosting to frost a 2-layer cake I used my favorite Pastry Pride Whipped Frosting and used […]

#Grilled Essentials- Inside Out Chicken Pizza!


Well it is definitely Football season and so it is time for snackin’ before, during and after the game!! I was asked to create a recipe using the new Grilled Essential by Hillshire Farm!!  They are pre cooked chicken breast seasoned to perfection!!  I found them in the lunch meat section at Walmart. Here are […]

Easy Chicken Marsala!!!! YUMMMMMMM!!!!!


I was asked to share a recipe using ingrediants found at Smart & Final.  I was able to find all my ingredients there with the exception of the few spices I already had on hand!  So I would love to share one of my favorite recipes with easy follow along pictures!! I love chicken and […]

Happy Birthday!! Smart and Final turns 140!!!


I was so excited to be part of the wonderful celebration to commemorate Smart & Final turning 140!!  Can you believe the wonderful establishment has been around for 14o years!!!  Part of being with the Smart & Final Samarties give me the fun opportunity to create and style a Birthday Celebration!!!!  So Fun!! So are […]