Go Bananas! Go Go Bananas!!

Caramel Sauce

I am so excited I was selected to do a shop at Smart and Final!!! I love Smart and Final the stores are always well stocked, clean and everyone is so helpful!!  Be sure to follow Smart and Final on Twitter at #SFSmarties and on FaceBook HERE! If you want to see my shopping trip […]

Little Miss Firecracker Inspiration!!


I follow the lovley Kim over at The Tom Kat Studio and she put up a post about these from Glorious Treats. For the post at The TomKat Studio click HERE. I thought these were just adorable but I am a bit on the Thrifty side. (Nice way of saying I am cheap!!!LOL!)  And I […]

Remember these Girls??? GIVEAWAY!! YAY!

laura's camera 330

So remember my post way back from June 2010?? If not you read it here.  To give you a recap  I have 2 mini Daschunds who are my 4 legged babies!! Here they are!!  And yes they still get me up at 4AM!!   I was approached by the good folks at Best Pet Health […]