Cookies and Milk Baby Shower Invitations!!


My wonderful SIL Lynn is having a baby boy in November and myself and my SIL Debbie and MIL are hosting a “Milk and Cookies” Baby shower!!  Of course the colors are Blue and Brown!! I came across the “Milk and Cookies” theme just from my “blog surfing”!!! TeeHee!!  I am so addicted to blog […]

Dont you Love Matthew Mead???I sure do!!!

MM Final Banner

HEY Y’ALL!!! There is less than a month before HOLIDAY with Matthew Mead will be released and delivered to your mailbox! Make sure you order yours today!!! Oh Ya there is a “SWEET” give-away!!! Just  leave  a  leave a message at the web site telling them  that you ordered! Just click on the picture below […]