“12 Days of Christmas Candy Day 4″ Salty Sweet Bark

I am re-posting this recipe because I make this every year for my Christmas trays!!  And Every one asks how to make this so I am sharing this recipe with you all!!!

Salty Sweet  Bark!!  Here is the oh so easy tutorial for yummy Bark:

Here are your ingredients:

12 oz White candy melts or white Almond Bark

4oz colored Candy melts I use red or green at the holidays

1 C Dry Roasted Peanuts

1 C. Broken pretzels

Sprinkles of Choice

Parchment paper




Melt the white candy Melts at 20 second intervals in your microwave, stirring between.

When White candy is melted pour onto parchment paper.

Spread out on paper.

Dump peanuts and pretzels on top of melted candy and I mean DUMP!!  No need to be all pretty here! That comes later!

Gently mix the peanuts and pretzels in the melted candy,  I carefully folded the candy over the nuts and pretzels until the were completely covered.

Spread the candy evenly on the tray

Heat the Pink candy melts in same manner used previously, at 20 second intervals stirring between

I found using a fork is better for drizzling over the top of the candy

Use the sprinkles of your choice to decorate the top even more!!  I used chocolate Ice Cream Sprinkles and multi colored non-perils.  I had to keep it Girly!! For Christmas I use the red and green sprinkles.

Place tray in freezer for about 10 minuets or so.

When candy has set break into bite sized pieces!!  Enjoy!!

Candy Bark makes great gifts and everyone really does love it!!

Go make you some Candy Bark!!  The colors, flavors and sprinkles can all be changed to suit your personal tastes!!!  Most of all have fun making this!!


Sooooo easy and soooo yummy you gotta try it!!!


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